Dog Trainer Website Design: Training You With Your Dog

We just launched Training You With Your Dog's new dog training website! Training You With Your Dog is located in Redmond, WA and owned by Helen Dohrmann. The video below shows both the before and after version of multiple pages to highlight the transformation. 

A few excellent features of her new site to look out for in the video include:

  • Using a beautiful high resolution banner image on her home page to capture the viewer's attention and communicate the feeling of poise, fun, and beauty. 
  • Re-organizing her menu pages and content so viewers can more easily understand and digest who she is and what she offers when viewed both on desktop and mobile. 
  • Integrating Acuity pages that live on the stie from her services pages for booking, forms, contracts, and payment for ease of use for user and trainer.
  • Utilizing a newsletter subscription widget that links to google sheets or mail chimp to continue to capture user's emails.
  • More details are in the video about many other improvements we made as well.