Positive Reinforcement Dog Training & Education Website Design: TEAM Education in Animal Behavior

It was a blast working with positive dog trainer and vet behaviorist Debbie and Ken Martin on re-designing their new website TEAM Education in Animal Behavior. I had made another website for them previously (veterinarybehavior.com), so we were both excited to work with each other again! Here are some before and after images and a video showing the transformation.


This is their old website that was built with joomla. Not only was the design style out-of-date, but they had recently been hacked! The user experience was difficult to follow with the large amount of text, buttons, and images next to each other with varying color tones, font sizes, formatting, and a lack of negative space. 



Here is their new updated website that we just launched! As you can see, we gave the whole site a facelift. Starting with the logo, we updated the font-style while keeping the vector image for brand continuity. The font sizes and formatting were then made consistent across the entire site. The banner header is also a video rather than an image that you can see on the live site, which added a dynamic and more modern feel to the site. For content, we prioritized the most important content that users would want to access and that Debbie and Ken wanted to market for at the top of the page. Content was also prioritized for SEO with keywords placed in headers and paragraphs where they would be most relevant for search engines. We used buttons, images, and negative space in a way that would not overwhelm the user, and left them wanting more so that they would continue to scroll and explore the site. We used large banner pictures and color strips to separate the text content to create balance and a sense of openness to the homepage as well. Adding a testimonial, a password-protected button for members, and a row of professional affiliation badges to the bottom of the page created a sense of trust and professionalism. Lastly, the footer contained a paragraph that clearly summarized their services, locations, and contained keywords that would also help with their site's SEO.  Below is a video explaining the re-design process and details of their homepage updates. Visit their new site at teamanimalbehavior.com to see the re-design of all the pages!