Top 10 Reasons I Use Squarespace

For folks that are unsure whether they should use Wordpress, Squarespace, or another program, there are many reasons I currently prefer to build websites on Squarespace vs other popular builders such as Wordpress, Weebly, or Wix. Read my top 10 reasons below!


1. It's easy to make edits- Squarespace has a very intuitive editor that makes it easy and quick for you to make site changes yourself.  

2. It's secure- You never need to worry about potentially harmful plug-ins that break or slow down your website, which often occurs in Wordpress. A constant secure connection on every page of your site with SSL certificates for encryption to decrease your chances of getting hacked and increased upload speeds. 

3. It's responsive- All templates come with built-in responsive designs for mobile optimization on phones and tablets.

4. Stuff doesn't break- There is no need for installing any third-party plug-ins or software updates, like in Wordpress.

5. Robust SEO features- Squarespace has solid Search-Engine-Optimization (SEO) features, clean back-end code for faster upload speed, and reliable content hosting. Squarespace also automatically generates sitemaps and employs automatic tagging so search engines can index your content without plugins or extra fees.  

6. Accessible help- You can get help from Squarespace advisors from their LIVE chat and well-organized help site for questions, videos, and 24/7 email support. 

7. It's all-inclusive- It's not an open-source system like Wordpress, so you don't have to buy bits and pieces of things from different companies- racking up your price point and increasing the risk of an unstable infrastructure for your site. Instead, each template, feature, and integrated app has been vetted by Squarespace for quality assurance and solid performance. Examples include:

  • Easily add videos- Just pop in the youtube or Vimeo url and your video is up and running.

  • Forms- You can easily create beautiful forms that go beyond just "Contact" fields to get more info from your clients, and have it delivered straight into your email or into Google Drive. You can also link forms with MailChimp.

  • Squarespace Analytics- Included free with your site! This means you can easily explore your site’s analytics to understand traffic patterns, referral sources, and other key metrics. You can also easily connect with Google Analytics through their built-in integration.

  • Custom domain name - Register domains through Squarespace from over 200+ TLDs. Get a free domain for a year with an annual subscription, or transfer a domain you already own.

  • Email by G Suite - Get your own email address, like, with G Suite by Google through Squarespace.

  • Getty Images - License images through their partnership with Getty to add editorial and stock photography to your site.

8. You can sell stuff- Commerce features are automatically included so you can sell your services or classes right on your site, and easily integrate payment options like PayPal or Stripe. 

9. You can schedule stuff- Acuity Scheduling has been integrated into Squarespace, so you can have clients easily sign-up for services or classes right from your site.  This means clients can quickly find and sign up for your services instead of leaving your site unimpressed and frustrated. 

10. Obviously... it's beautiful- The template and formatting options available are really well designed for quality and performance. Some other builders like Wix may have a lot of options, but can often make your site look disjointed and messy. Good design is about choosing the right pieces that form a cohesive whole, not including a zillion options just because you can.  I also like that Squarespace was founded and is centrally located in the US, whereas Wix was founded and is centrally located in Israel. This means you can trust that they have tailored their features and services based on the latest developments and trends for English-speaking clients, and that they prioritize features and services that are most relevant and useful for US clients.

To read more about these Squarespace features click here.

Take a look at the site below we designed for Tailored Dog Training that incorporates Acuity Scheduling and many other features mentioned above.